Our lawyers & advocates provide advice, advocacy, education & limited representation concerning the following areas of law. Please note that representation is limited by resources & prioritisation and we only represent consumers in civil matters.

Family Law

  • Children’s Issues
  • Limited Advice about property in marriage/defacto relationships

Civil Law

  • Family violence and restraining orders
  • Consumer disputes
  • Criminal injuries compensation
  • Debt
  • Motor vehicle accidents (property damage)

Criminal Law

  • Criminal matters

Tenancy law

  • Public and private tenants only

Elder Law

  • The Older Peoples Rights Service is our specialist legal service that offers legal assistance & social work to those experiencing Elder Abuse or at risk of Elder Abuse.


  • Women’s Resource and Engagement Network

Booking Appointments

Appointments with our lawyers & advocates are made by booking scheduled appointments. These bookings can be made by telephone or in person. This process includes our service conducting mandatory ?conflict of interest? checks as under the law we cannot assist someone if a legal conflict of interest exists. For example if we have previously assisted the other party to your specific legal dispute we are precluded from assisting you. For more information about conflict of interest please click here.

Please ensure you book your appointment at whichever of our two offices is most accessible to you. Both our Mirrabooka and Joondalup offices have disability access. We also have access to telephone and onsite interpreters however, our onsite interpreters must be pre-booked. Please also remember to bring all your relevant documents pertaining to your issue when attending appointments.

Our fees are as follows:
1. Subsidised general appointments $10
2. All other general appointments $20
3. Subsidised document appointments $20
4. All other document appointments $40

For subsidised appointments you must show photo ID and a healthcare card;

  • Payment must be made at or before the time of appointment, otherwise the appointment will be cancelled; and
  • Document appointments are only available if previously agreed with a lawyer.