Our civil lawyers can provide advice and limited representation on the following areas of civil law. Please note our legal services are prioritised and resources are limited.

Family violence and restraining orders

Our lawyers can assist with issues of Family (Domestic) Violence. This includes advice and representation in Court on Violence Restraining Orders and Misconduct Restraining Orders.

Consumer disputes

Our lawyers can assist with consumer disputes. These may include disputes about telecommunications companies, motor vehicle purchases and contracts for goods and services.


We can provide advice on debts owed and debt collection.

Criminal injuries compensation

Our lawyers can assist victims of crime with completing their Criminal Injuries compensation claims.

Motor vehicle accidents (property damage)

Our lawyers can provide advice about motor vehicle accidents, providing they involve property damage only. Our services can include advice about disputes with insurance companies on liability but we do not do personal injury.

CASE STUDY: Telecommunications Contracts

This case study involves unconscionable telecommunications contracts and highlights the difficulties non-English speakers face in our community.