Elder Abuse – Abuse by family, friends and Carers

The Older Peoples Rights Service is our specialist legal service in partnership with Advocare that offers legal assistance & social work to those experiencing Elder Abuse or who are at risk of such abuse perpetrated by people of trust. In other words this service focuses on clients abused or are at risk of abuse by family members, friends or carers. This service is for people aged 60 years and above (50 years of age for indigenous people) and we cover the metropolitan area. Elder abuse includes issues such as psychological, financial/material, physical, social, sexual abuse and neglect. Financial and property matters are however, by far the most common form of abuse encountered in Elder Abuse. In many cases this involves abusing powers of attorney, undue pressure to make improvident financial or property decisions. Granny flat problems are quite common and the issues often involve complex family relationships.

CASE STUDY: Elder Abuse and Family Agreements

In this case a senior was subjected to elder abuse, namely being kicked out of his own home as he was under the mistaken believe his name was jointly on the title deeds to the property.