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Conflicts of interest are quite common in community legal centres like ours. Where a conflict has been established, we will not be able to tell you the reason why, as this is protected by confidentiality and privacy legislation. A conflict will generally be established due to one of the following three examples:

  1. We have previously advised the other party in your matter about this matter, or a related matter, within the last 7 years
  2. We have advised the other party, or person, in an unrelated matter, in which you were involved; or
  3. A staff member or volunteer personally knows you, or the other party.

Unfortunately, from time-to-time some agencies will direct you to us and use wording that leads you to believe we will definitely be able to help. We are only ever able to offer you assistance once we have spoken with you. Please contact us if you are unsure of the level of assistance we can provide. 

We offer appointments face-to-face, and over the phone, during business hours Monday through Friday. We do not offer appointments in the evening or on the weekends.

Definitely not, we appreciate everyone’s circumstances are different, and we endeavour to help where we can. If you are unsure, please contact us.

From time-to-time demand will outweigh supply and our Client Service Officers will be unable to answer every inbound call. If you are unable to get through to us, please send an enquiry, and we will provide a response within two business days.

Please allow us two business days to respond to your enquiry. If your matter is urgent please let us know when you call or email If you are in danger or feel unsafe call emergency services on 000.

Given the sensitive topics discussed, children aged 2-17 are not generally permitted into legal advice appointments. Exceptions can be made by prior arrangement only

No, we are not able to supervise children.

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