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Restraining Orders and Respondents (ROAR)

The ROAR service operates out of Joondalup Magistrate’s court and offers respondents to restraining orders information and legal advice on their situation. The majority of respondents agree to a negotiation process where the duty lawyer liaises between the parties and any legal representatives for applicants.

The information provided by the ROAR service supports clients in a way that maximises the likelihood of settlement without the need for a trial. The ROAR lawyers have expertise in restraining orders as well as family law children’s matters.

In cases where an agreement cannot be reached between the parties, the ROAR lawyers ‘reality check’ the arguments and intended evidence of the respondent. The ROAR lawyers provide clear and informed legal advice about the likelihood of a respondent’s objection being successful and the potential court costs if unsuccessful, often clarifying the options for the accused.

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