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Financial Education and Advocacy

Financial Counselling

Financial counselling is provided as part of our Women’s Resource and Engagement Network (WREN) program. Financial counsellors are qualified professionals who provide information, advice and advocacy to people in financial difficulty. We also have a partnership with Communicare in providing additional onsite financial counselling for other clients.

Financial counsellors help people to:

  • Understand which debts are priorities
  • Develop budgets and money plans
  • Understand the pros and cons of different options to manage financial issues
  • Access grants or concessions
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Access dispute resolution services
  • Understand their rights and access legal help

Financial Education and Advocacy

As part of our Older People’s Rights Service (OPRS), our financial advocacy program offers support and education for older women in the areas below. This service is available across WA for individuals and groups.

  • Managing your money day to day
    • Understanding your finances
    • Setting financial goals
    • Creating a budget
    • How technology can help
    • Avoiding financial abuse
    • Avoiding scams.
  • Making money decisions
    • Improve your financial knowledge
    • Dealing with banks
    • Using online banking
    • Good spending habits
    • Making your pension go further
    • Managing financial challenges.
    • Managing debts
  • Planning for the future
    • Financial, legal and health decisions
    • Decision making and agreements
    • Involving family in decisions
    • Power of attorney and guardianship
    • Living arrangements
    • Lawyers, counsellors and other services.
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